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What Some Good Sleep Will Do For New Mom?

 What Some Good Sleep Will Do For New Mom

Having a new born baby can be stressful. And the most common cringe about it all is that you will barely catch some good shut eye. If it is about changing diapers and all, you could get your partner to do it, take turns. But the first few months will have you, the mom, up after every two or three hours, because you will need to breast feed your little tot. For any human though, sleep is important. It is among one of the top ways to get your body performing at its peak, and have you productive and energetic during the day. So what are some of these benefits, and why is it so important that you actually lie down and get hours of proper sleep?

1. You are way more alert and make better judgment


Reducing your sleep time by one or two hours, according to research, could decrease your levels of alertness by 32%. So imagine not sleeping at all. You will literally be in zombie-mode all through the next day, and a continuation of this pattern will just carry forward this drag and increase the problem, making your days pure agony. You will also not be able to make proper judgments on a lot of things, since your brain is performing on less than half of its usual capacity.

2. Good sleep helps you avoid injury and accidents

You know how traffic authorities insist that if you are feeling even the tiniest wink of sleep, you absolutely should not be behind the wheel? Well, this is because it is a safety hazard. You risk dozing off while driving, and quite possibly getting into an accident that will not only hurt you, but other road users too. Make sure you catch a good night’s sleep to avoid accident, injury, or even worse.

3. It helps you express more milk

feed baby.jpg

Lack of sleep will then lead to higher stress levels, and in turn, lower milk amounts. You want your baby to be well fed, and if not, it will not only leave them hungry, but you will feel inadequate as a mother too, which only worsens the situation. Get enough sleep to ensure you pump out enough milk for your little one.

4. You are way less irritable

You know how ordinarily, when you do not get enough sleep, you will automatically be grumpy and most likely snap at anyone around you? This applies for new mums too. And not only did she not sleep, but she spent her night moving up and down, feeding her baby, changing them, and listening to constant cries.

5. Aids in building better relationships with those around you


Better sleep = better relations. You wake up feeling fresh, and ready to take on the day, meet people and make    memories. Women take it more to heart when relationships or friendships do not work out, and lack of sleep will most likely lead to this, since she might be snappy and not in the mood for anything, which inevitably will push people away. Partners should also ensure their spouses are getting enough sleep for their relationship to keep blossoming.

6. Reduces risk of getting postnatal depression

Postnatal depression is something that quite a number of new mothers suffer from. Lack of sleep further aggravates this, since she will perform at a lower capacity and this will have her feeling helpless. The power of sleep is    immeasurable, both for the mind and body.

7. Your metabolism will function better


Lack of sleep can lead to obesity, since your metabolism is affected, making you constantly hungry. And high chances are the cravings will be for fatty and high carb and sugar foods. She also will not have any energy for any form of exercise, which increases the risk of her becoming obese.

8. Sleep greatly reduces any health risks

Lack of sleep can lead to so many health problems, like high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and inflammatory diseases. Remember, your body repairs itself when you are asleep, so lack of it- and in healthy quantities- will leave your immune system weak and defenseless, thus susceptible to disease. You risk serious health issues, and harmful effects on your normal body functions.

9. Your memory is much better, and your mind sharper


Ever heard of the term ummy brain’? Well, this is quite common in mothers (and when you do your research, it is mostly moms who do not get enough sleep). This is when simple things, like words, escape their minds. It can be extremely frustrating for them, and this might lead to irritability, especially around people who make fun of it.

10. You are able to give more of yourself in whatever you do

Women are natural givers. A woman would rather give you all she has, and figure herself out later. This is why they are such great mothers, since they are able to naturally know, and provide to their children’s needs, and wants too. It is an instinct. Now, lack of proper sleep, and on a good quality mattress too, will have them running out of their abundant well of provision. She will not be able to give her all if she is not at her full capacity, which can be disadvantageous not only to her, but her baby too. You know, an empty cup cannot serve, and an empty bank account cannot deposit to another. They will need to be filled up; she will need to sleep.

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