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5 Excellent Ideas Of Reusing Old Pillows

5 Excellent Ideas Of Reusing Old Pillows

  According to the National Sleep Foundation, pillows should be replaced every one to two years. If your pillows have pillowcases, we can use them again after cleaning, disinfecting, and exposing them to the sun. If only the surface of the pillowcase is yellow, and the filling inside is not deteriorated or moldy, we can also use the pillow core for secondary use. Of course, it must be disinfected and cleaned before use. 

  Then what to do with those old pillows? Here are some easy ways to reusing them.

Make a folding floor sofa 

1.Prepare a large piece of fabric, four old pillows, a pair of scissors and needles.


2.The large piece of fabric should be divided into quarters according to the size of the pillow, and the pillow should be placed in the corresponding position.


3.After placing the pillow, pull up the end of the other side and cover it on the pillow. Sew the lower side along the side of the pillow. Note that the fabric is reversed at this time, so that the thread will not be exposed when sewing.


4.After sewing the bottom thread, turn the fabric over and sew a pressure thread in the middle of each pillow.


Make a hanging chair


1.Prepare old pillows, a piece of cloth, wooden sticks and drilling equipment.

2.Hang the cloth with a rope and tie it to a wooden stick to make it look like a hanging chair, then put a pillow as a cushion.

Use them as a home sofa cushion


1.Fold and sew the pillow core directly to make a cylindrical sofa cushion.

2.Use beautiful floral cloth to make a pillowcase of suitable size to decorate.


DIY a soft cushion

Put the pillow on the stool and fasten it with a rope. Then you can turn the old pillows into a soft and comfortable chair cushion.


Turn into a pet bed


1.Prepare an old sweater and an old pillow, and pull out the cotton from the pillow.


2.Stuff the cotton evenly over the sweater, sew all the openings with cotton thread, and sew the sleeves and the body together.



    It is best to expose the pillow to the sun once a week and clean and disinfect once a month when using the pillow, but it is best to change it every two years or so. When you prepare to replace the pillows, don’t throw them away. You can try the ways in this article to recycle the old pillows.