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  • Mar/19/2021
    I purchased a 3 inch dual topper. Arrived on time. Great value for the money. No more pressure points. Thanks Maxzz for the good night's sleep.
  • Feb/20/2021
    The stiffness is mid-to-hard-ish, which I feel very comfortable with. Memory foam feels a lot different from my previous spring mattress but it's in a good way. It deforms to fit the shape of my body and provides nice support.
  • Feb/10/2021
    The pillow texture was fine, there was enough support in the back for a comfortable back laying experience, nothing wrong with the usage so far.
  • Feb/01/2021
    This 3 inch Maxzz Memory foam did not fail my expectation. It's very comfortable. This foam was totally a great solution if you are in a budget.
  • Jan/27/2020
    We sleep very well with this mattress topper and I recommend it to all my clients and friends. Value for money, affordable product that offers incomparable comfort.
  • Jan/20/2021
    These blackout curtains do a really good job keeping the sun 100% out.They also do a good job at keeping the room warm. I haven't had such a good night's sleep in a long time.
  • Jan/12/2021
    Great office desk easy to assemble using a drill. Enough space to put 3 monitors for work at home use. The shelf is movable and I can put my projector on it. I can work while watching tv or playing games.
  • Dec/31/2020
    Size is accurate, snapped right in my bed frame. An overly soft mattress would bring me backache after sleeping overnight. It deforms to fit the shape of my body and provides nice support.
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