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  • Feb/20/2021
    The stiffness is mid-to-hard-ish, which I feel very comfortable with. Memory foam feels a lot different from my previous spring mattress but it's in a good way. It deforms to fit the shape of my body and provides nice support.
  • Jan/27/2020
    We sleep very well with this mattress topper and I recommend it to all my clients and friends. Value for money, affordable product that offers incomparable comfort.
  • Dec/31/2020
    Size is accurate, snapped right in my bed frame. An overly soft mattress would bring me backache after sleeping overnight. It deforms to fit the shape of my body and provides nice support.
  • Dec/25/2020
    The bed is very comfortable and relaxing to sleep on, medium firm to firm. If you're someone who wakes up feeling sore sometimes, this is definitely the mattress for you.
  • Dec/18/2020
    My lumbar has been feeling stiff for months until putting this topper on. I wouldn't believe this kind of product can help at all! It provides enough supports for my entire back and easy to put onto the mattress.
  • Nov/27/2020
    This is best experience for this price mattress, very comfortable and shaped hard. Not too hard or too soft, my husband said his back not pain after 2 days sleep later. And I recommend my friends to buy it too.
  • Nov/10/2020
    I have this one bought because my old meters is too soft. I have a new born baby this year and I have bad pain on my back. This mattress is firm enough for me, and it’s comfortable and help me release my back pain.
  • Oct/06/2020
    Very satisfied with this mattress. First of all, it has two sides, the gray side is soft, the blue side is hard, I prefer the blue side. It has straps at all four corners to keep it firmly attached to the mattress underneath. I slept better after using it.
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