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  • Feb/10/2021
    The pillow texture was fine, there was enough support in the back for a comfortable back laying experience, nothing wrong with the usage so far.
  • Nov/17/2020
    I like firm memory foam pillows and I am seriously happy with this pillow. The fabric is good and its not too soft, its a bit firm so if you like me who like firm pillows then you will love it.
    Digpal Singh
  • Nov/03/2020
    These are 2 top quality luxury pillows with removable bamboo fibre covers which are extremely soft to the touch but don't sag. They are both hypoallergenic & antibacterial & so extremely skin friendly!!
  • Sep/26/2020
    Maxzzz Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow is highly recommended for everyone. It is soft, comfortable, breathable, and elastic. Wake up the next day without the pain of neck muscles. worth having.
  • Aug/31/2020
    These pillows felt rather soft but they firmed up nicely. I have used them for almost a week now and it’s been the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.
    Kate Smith
  • Jul/06/2020
    Love theses pillows, they don’t flatten out during the night. They stay fluffed throughout the night. They can also be used as knee pillows, with excellent quality.
  • Jul/04/2020
    I finally found the most comfortable pillows!!! This new set is neither too firm or too soft!! Ps: my dog loves it too.
  • Jul/01/2020
    Very comfortable and soft pillows are also quite large.
    Lina T.
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