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  • Aug/31/2020
    We're extremely happy with our mattress and their service. It provides great pressure relief and motion isolation. And my back pain seems to be relieved.
    James Litterio
  • Jul/06/2020
    Love theses pillows, they don’t flatten out during the night. They stay fluffed throughout the night. They can also be used as knee pillows, with excellent quality.
  • Jul/04/2020
    I finally found the most comfortable pillows!!! This new set is neither too firm or too soft!! Ps: my dog loves it too.
  • Jul/01/2020
    Very comfortable and soft pillows are also quite large.
    Lina T.
  • Jul/09/2020
    The pillow is well packed. It is the size I want, the softness and hardness are what I want, and it can be machine washed, not bad!
  • Jul/10/2020
    For the price it's amazing. I'm able to fall asleep easier. Fantastic mattress, wonderful price. Thank you!
    Abigail Waters
  • Aug/02/2020
    the mattress pad is thick and very soft. With this pad added, i don't need to purchase another large mattress for hundred bucks and trash the old one.
  • Aug/05/2020
    I didn't get up until 12 in the afternoon today great mattress great condition highly recommended!
    AnaLuiza Valentin