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  • Oct/13/2020
    The outer lining is soft and comfortable. There is a zipper on the side that is removable and washable. The middle is a pink breathable sponge. It is comfortable and easy to sleep on. I like it very much.
  • Oct/06/2020
    Very satisfied with this mattress. First of all, it has two sides, the gray side is soft, the blue side is hard, I prefer the blue side. It has straps at all four corners to keep it firmly attached to the mattress underneath. I slept better after using it.
  • Sep/26/2020
    Maxzzz Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow is highly recommended for everyone. It is soft, comfortable, breathable, and elastic. Wake up the next day without the pain of neck muscles. worth having.
  • Sep/17/2020
    Firm, supportive, yet supple. Strikes a nice balance between soft and firm. Vacuum packed expertly. Really fun to watch it unroll and expand in literally 15 seconds! We also purchased a mattress topper to increase how comfortable it is.
  • Sep/12/2020
    The memo foam conforms to your body.The foam comes with a cool and warm side and I like the cool side, especially in summer. I like the surround zipper allowing you to remove the outer cover if it gets dirty - a great feature.
    Don Reid
  • Aug/31/2020
    These pillows felt rather soft but they firmed up nicely. I have used them for almost a week now and it’s been the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.
    Kate Smith
  • Aug/31/2020
    We're extremely happy with our mattress and their service. It provides great pressure relief and motion isolation. And my back pain seems to be relieved.
    James Litterio
  • Jul/06/2020
    Love theses pillows, they don’t flatten out during the night. They stay fluffed throughout the night. They can also be used as knee pillows, with excellent quality.
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