How to clean mattress stains quickly

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As we all know, we spend 1/3 of our life in bed. Sweat stains, dust mites and various fine impurities will enter the gaps of the mattress, affecting our quality of life. So its very important to learn how to clean the mattress. Different stains should be cleaned by appropriate cleaning tools. So we will share the cleaning ways according to the type of stains themselves. You just need to take about 10 minutes to get rid of these mattress stains by these helpful methods!


Material needed: White vinegar, Wet towel, Toothbrush, Hair dryer


Cleaning ways: In the area where urine stains or urine odor remain on the mattress, spray white vinegar without water, after 1 hour take a cold wet towel to clean it by pressing (do not make a circle to avoid the expansion of stain marks), also It can be used with a toothbrush to remove stubborn stains, and then blow dry with a hair dryer.


Material needed: Hydrogen peroxide, Wet towel, Paper towel


Cleaning ways: The blood stains that have just been stained can be soaked in cold water first. After 10 minutes, use a wet towel dipped in soapy water and press to wipe. After washing, take a clean wet towel to wipe off soap bubbles or other residues, and then wipe dry. If there are  blood stains that have leaved on the mattress for a long time, spray it with 3% medical hydrogen peroxide. When it foams, wash it strongly with cold water, and then dry it with a clean, white dry cloth.

3.Coke and Coffee

Material needed: Alcohol


Cleaning ways: The ethanol contained in the alcohol can remove organic substances in beverage stains such as cola and coffee. However, in order to prevent the stains from spreading on the mattress after applying alcohol, you can first use a towel with good water absorption to dip in alcohol and then wipe it carefully.


Material needed: Salt, Hot water, Towels, Paper towels (or dry towels)


Cleaning ways: For the freshly poured tea stains, first quickly press with a paper towel to absorb the tea, and then sprinkle the edible salt on the tea stains, then gently spread it with your hands, wait 10 minutes, and dip a towel in hot water to cover the tea stains. Wipe it several times, then use a paper towel to absorb the excess water, and finally dry it with a hair dryer. The principle of this is: concentrated brine has a strong decontamination ability, so tea stains can be cleaned up.


Material needed: Dish soap, Alcohol, Toothbrush, Wet towel, Paper towel


Cleaning ways: First, drip the detergent on the oil stain and gently wipe it with your hands. After waiting for 5 minutes, brush gently with a toothbrush. Then press the stain with a wet towel to clean the foam on the surface, and then use a paper towel to absorb the moisture on the surface. Finally, you can use alcohol to spray the stain again for preventing the growth of bacteria.


When you happen to get a stain, act quickly. The less time the stain has to set, the easier it will be for you to remove it. If you purchase a mattress with washable cover, such as Maxzzz 6 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, it will be more easier to take care of. It is convenient to wash as well as to protect the mattress from dusts and stain. And also could last your mattress life span.

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