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For over 38 years, Maxzzz has helped people all around the world get more restorative sleep. By providing our customers with expertly engineered sleep products, we hope to foster profound sleep on a global scale. Mattress by mattress, topper by topper, pillow by pillow, we’re sharing the joy of good sleep for the greater good.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring restful joy to as many people as possible. We traveled the world and learned the art of mattress making, down to the finest details. By doing this, we want to empower our customers to live their best lives through deep, rejuvenating sleep.


Company Name: Maxzzz

Company Address: Shangtang Business Building, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Where We Come From

Where Maxzzz come from

Meet Maxzzz

Passion, quality, and expertise are at the core of everything we do.


Over the years, we have dissected how people rest and meticulously tested all of our products at length. At Maxzzz, we consider quality sleep more than a necessity; it’s a form of art. From mattresses to toppers to pillows, we strive to ensure we’re providing our customers with the best products.

The satisfaction of our customers will always be at the forefront of our agenda.

All of our goods are crafted carefully to perfection. We live to help you optimize your sleep so that you may live happier and more energized every day.

We want to help people over the world to get the sleep they deserve.

We understand that good sleep is key to living a high-quality life. So we aim to make the world a more joyous place, one sleeper at a time.

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