Maxzzz Cooling Memory Foam Bed Pillow
Maxzzz Cooling Memory Foam Bed Pillow
Maxzzz Cooling Memory Foam Bed Pillow
Maxzzz Cooling Memory Foam Bed Pillow
Maxzzz Cooling Memory Foam Bed Pillow
Maxzzz Cooling Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Maxzzz Cooling Memory Foam Bed Pillow


For Neck Pain:  This memory foam pillow offers a medium firm comfort. It hugs and supports your head and neck, providing you maximum pressure and pain relief.

Cooling Design:  Infused with natural gel and copper particles, plus the ventilated hole design, this pillow can keep you cool all night.  

Easy to Clean:  The soft cover can be removed and washed easily. 

Safe to Use: Textiles of the cover are OEKO-TEX certified and the memory foam is Certi-PUR-US certified. 


You Deserve A Better Pillow

The Maxzzz memory foam pillow offers excellent pressure relief due to its soft texture and ability to conform closely to the neck and head.

Skin-friendly Fabric

The cover is soft, breathable and skin-friendly, made of 100% polyester with elegant woven pattern.

Mid-loft Design

A comfortable mid-loft design provides better neck support. This pillow is great for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

Removable Cover

The high-quality cover is removable and washable. It can maintain quality through multiple washings.

Cooling Foam Pillow

Promotes Neck Alignment

Comfortable Huggable Down


Is this pillow best for neck pain?
Yes. This memory foam pillow provide ssufficient support without feeling too stiff or sinking excessively.
Does this foam pillow suit hot sleepers?
Yes. The cooling gel infusion and open-cell foam design can draw heat away, helping you sleep cool all night.
How to wash the pillow?
We suggest you wash the cover once every 3 months. Please wash the cover in the water below 40 degrees, and use a neutral detergent. You can also adjust the washing machine to a low temperature and low speed, put a towel in the washing machine to balance the water flow before washing.
Do I need to fluff the pillow after unboxing?
es, you do need to fluff the pillow! In fact, it’s best to fluff it often (daily, if possible) to keep your pillow looking and feeling fresh. We designed it to be easily revived with a quick fluff.
Does the pillow have a smell?
Any new product can have a mild scent upon unboxing. Do not worry, it will dissipate in a few hours in a well-ventilated room.

Rest easy with these guarantees

30-night, risk-free trial*

We give you 30 nights to try it on us. Don't love it? We'll pick it up and give you a refund.

Fast & Free shipping

Free shipping is included with every order. 

Excellent customer service

The satisfaction of our customers will always be at the forefront of our agenda.

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star star star star star

Supportive foam pillow

I have two of these -- one I sit on and one I sleep on. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and these really help. Takes the pressure off the body part it supports.

star star star star star

Very comfortable!

My son said that he's sleeping better now due to this very comfortable foam pillow. I will be ordering more.

star star star star star

Very good pillow if you hate neck pain!!!

Very comfortable! I like that it doesn't seem to get too hot on warm nights and it doesn't freeze on cold ones. It really helps me sleep - I fall asleep when I use this pillow much easier than when I don't. It lets your head sink in more than a normal pillow but not so much that you sink right through. And when you move, while watching TV or while sleeping, the memory foam goes right back to shape - you are still snug. It really helps to limit neck pain which is an issue I have always suffered with most pillows unless I choose to lay in just the right way. With this pillow I am not stuck with only one good way to do it - I basically can sleep whatever way I want.

star star star star star_border

Good quality

Perfect Bedroom Supplement In Summer! This newly launched memory foam pillow is specially crafted with temperature-regulating gel particles, which can provide a cool feel during sleeping in the hot summer.
Right Firmness! It's firmer than other regular pillows, with a right mid loft, which offers a balance of support and comfort for the neck. This is a good quality product and I give it a 4-star rating.

star star star star star

Great Foam Pillow!

This pillow is just what I was looking for! I am a side sleeper and tend to place my arm underneath my pillow so this works perfectly for me - it molds around my arm so I barely even notice it. It stays cool throughout the night and remains firm at the right places.

star star star star star

Cool & Comfortable! Great support for neck and back.

Love this pillows! I purchased 2 and sleep on them every night. Solid memory foam and very cool. I get hot when I sleep and when I wake up I simply flip the pillow over and it's cool to the touch. Supports my neck and upper back. I have upper & lower back pain and sometimes I tuck a pillow behind me for extra support. Highly recommended!!

star star star star star_border

Firmer Than Expected

Well made; appears to be durable. Would recommend using it for head, and neck support. I purchased it to cushion my legs as I sleep on my side. The pillow is a little firm for me. Perhaps it will soften with time.

star star star star star

Very supportive!

It's very comfortable and keeps its shape. Very supportive for the neck as well. I don't wake up with a headache or a crick in my neck from it going flat!

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