Maxzzz 3 Inch Gel & Copper Dual Side...
Maxzzz 3 Inch Gel & Copper Dual Side...
Maxzzz 3 Inch Gel & Copper Dual Side...
Maxzzz 3 Inch Gel & Copper Dual Side...
Maxzzz 3 Inch Gel & Copper Dual Side...

Maxzzz 3 Inch Gel & Copper Dual Side Memory Foam Mattress Topper


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Suits All Sleepers: Thanks to two firmness options, this topper can accommodate different sleeper types. 

Pressure Relief: High-density memory foam conforms closely to equally distribute your weight, support the spine, and alleviate pressure points 

Cooling & Hypoallergenic: Gel-infused memory foam helps draw excess heat away; the Bamboo charcoal layer can keep out dust mites, bacteria, and bad odors.

Safe to Use: Copper memory foam can create a natural antiviral and antibacterial environment.

Comfortable & Supportive: All layers work together to provide mild conforming that minimizes pressure at different contact points.

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Gel & Copper Dual Side Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Dual side used topper provides premium sleep experience for different people.

Great Choice for Couples

The foam absorbs movement to eliminate most motion transfer, which can minimize sleep disruptions.

Keep Cool All Night

Cooling gel foam and ventilated design can circulate air across the surface, keeping you cool during the night.

Ventilated Design

Suitable for Different Sleepers

4 elastic straps to keep the topper in place

Rest easy with these guarantees

We give you 100 nights to try it on us. Don't love it? We'll pick it up and give you a full refund.

Free shipping and returns are included with every order. We do our best to donate returned mattresses to charity.

The satisfaction of our customers will always be at the forefront of our agenda.

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I no longer toss and turn all night long

Fits my mattress perfectly. I was very surprised at how comfortable this is. I've been having a lot of pain, all over my body that I've never dealt with before. I was looking at mattresses to replace mine then I seen this topper and yet with copper for pain relief. So I decided to try this instead and save money at the same time. I made the correct choice! When the other person moves , I do not feel it, the bed doesnt move with this on it. I usually toss and turn all night long, now I turn maybe twice each night and that is all. I'm getting some really good side sleep now. I'm also no longer waking up in pain. I use to wake up feeling so stiff and terrible pain. I can honestly say the stiffness is gone and the pain is 85% gone when I wake. This is such a huge improvement. To think I saved a lot of money and got such great relief. I made sure I opened the box this came in, in my room so when it opened I put it directly onto my bed and left it fluff up all day.

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Excellent topper. I literally use it as a bed without a mattress which has been perfect because the firmness of the floor helps keep my bones aligned while this topper provides support. Mattresses tend to sink in more at the torso. It does feel a bit cooler so you can lay directly on it without sweating at room temperature. It can be cut to size. I actually choose a larger size and cut out parts that I use them for other things. Works very well!

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