Maxzzz Down Alternative Pillows
Maxzzz Down Alternative Pillows
Maxzzz Down Alternative Pillows
Maxzzz Down Alternative Pillows
Maxzzz Down Alternative Pillows

Maxzzz Down Alternative Pillows


Pillow for Neck Pain: Filled with premium down alternative fiber, this pillow provides enough support for your head and neck, reducing neck pain and alleviating shoulder stiffness.

Cooling Pillows:  With the breathable cover and special gusseted band, this pillow helps you keep cool at night.

Easy to Clean:  Whenever you want to clean the pillows, simply throw them into your washing machine with a gentle mode, and tumble dry.





For All Seasons




Quick Rebound

This pillow can quickly rebound to a perfect shape, offer you maximum comfort and enough support the whole night.

Ideal for Hot Sleepers

The mesh gusseted side band makes your pillows more breathable, keeping you cool all night.

How to Make the Pillow Pluffy?

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Snuggly with Bounce-Back Shape

We’ve been needing some new pillows. I’m usually a side sleeper and like to bunch my pillow up almost like a body pillow. I like it to squish down nicely and be “snuggly” (note: these are NOT firm or especially thickly-filled pillows). But I want them to bounce back, not flatten out or look lumpy when the bed is made. More time will tell but so far so good!

These pillows arrived vacuum-sealed, and I expected to be hit with a wave of chemical smell when I opened them. Pleasantly surprised, I wasn’t. Another thing I like is the smooth surface. I’d recently purchased squishy, cozy pillows that I like the feel of for sleeping, but the surface is so easily snagged. There’s no issue like that with these. Follow the enclosed instructions for fluffing and refreshing them, and if you’re anything like I am, you’ll be pleased with these pillows.

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Perfect softness!

Highly recommended for comfort and price.

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